Your fully furnished rental property and how to avoid tenancy disasters

Leasing out your fully furnished rental property which might have once been your own home, without the engagement of a good rental management company who can provide you with quality rental management services, can present you as the landlord with problems at the conclusion of the tenancy.

Putting the welcome mat out is not always enough to insure you against the pitfalls of a bad tenancy.There are many issues that you might be confronted with if you are not renting out your fully furnished rental property professionally.

There may be a few things that the unsuspecting landlord could have done at the start and during the tenancy to intercept and prevent some of the tragic things that has happened to them and their rental property over many experiences.

  • Have you written a detailed inventory list of all your furnished items and note the condition that each item is in? Taking photos is a great way to document the condition.
  • Have you introduced your new tenant to the best method of operating your appliances and furnishings? Half an hour of your time invested at the commencement may save countless costs of repairs and replacement in the future.
  • Does you new tenant understand that you really care about the property that they are moving into? If they understand how much you love the home you are certain to get a better response from the tenants and how they might occupy the property.
  • Are you doing regular and routine property inspections? A professional property manager would conduct regular inspections on your behalf. This not only gives you peace of mind but also helps to keep the tenants on  their toes should they be at risk of becoming neglectful occupants of your home.
  • Do you have landlords insurance? It might seem expensive at the beginning but you will thank your luck stars in the event of troubles. A good landlord insurance policy will make your road to recovery very easy and most cost effective.

Avoid making the same mistakes – get your property managed by a trusted adviser, a professional property manager.  Changin agents is easier than you might think. Learn more here about your rental success

Chris Snell is a licensed real estate agent and property manager. Chris is experienced in investment property advice and rental property management wherein he has assisted investors and home owners with real estate in Melbourne, Australia. Feel free to contact Chris at to discuss your property needs.

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